Prints are everything. There we said it. It’s what makes Thandana, Thandana and most of all what make you, you. And every year our Founder and trend-setter for everything bags, Carla seeks to find what prints inspire you and turns them into the prints of the season. You may think that choosing a print is an easy process, but here we share what goes into that Thandana piece and why your bag will never go out of style. Are you ready to go print crazy? All we hear is, “YES!”

The Print Process

Even though trends come and go, and prints can be as fickle as fast fashion, at Thandana we want your bag and your chosen print to stand the test of time and be a work of art. We’re inspired by streetwear, interior design textiles, holidays and lifestyle choices. We love pops of colour and something to show that we stand out. But we also understand that not everyone is gaga about statement pieces and that’s why we design prints for the subdued type too. We always take into account that you may be a trend-setter, so we got you covered boo, but when trends fade and your Thandana Bag lives on (because it will) we want you to still feel like your piece is a part of you.

We collaborate with artists, moms and dudes and find seasonal prints that speak us and you. We spend days, and we mean days, perfecting pantones. We listen to our sales, and spot what you love most and if there’s a hit we make sure it gets a reboot back into the bag you love. 

But we also have our identity, which if you’ve watched closely over the last couple of years, you’ll see that we have our look and will always add a new print into the group that speaks Thandana. 

At the end of the day, we design with purpose, with you in mind as you’re our biggest inspiration. 

So what are the Thandana Prints of summer 22’ and beyond? Here they are:

Animal Print

We know, we know - animal prints aren’t something new, but goodness don't we just love them! We’re proudly South African and with that, we’re proud of our roots. Mother Africa is always going to be a part of our print-spiration, trend or not. But luckily it’s one that going to stick around for the rest of the year. 

From our delicious new Python, the amazing collaboration with Jemma Wild’s Zebra Print to our OG Cheetah print we’ll always keep something wild in our range. 

Bold and Abstract Print

We love colour, and we’re sure you’ve noticed. And this is why you’ll always see geometric and abstract prints throughout our range. We want our brand to stand for fun, and because we’re a family we know that our prints should shout this too. Whether it’s a backpack for school, a lunch box for the playground or even a nappy bag for an outing, these prints give us joy and celebrate timeless versatility. Isn’t that what life's all about?

Check out our newest Gerry Pear Print, the Reef or Scale Away with Me summer editions that we’ve added to our range. We bet you’ll love them!

Floral and Botanical 

There’s botanical, then there’s Thandana botanical. We know we just do it differently and why it’s one of our popular prints. We’re plant moms, nature lovers and down-to-earth beings so taking our cues from the earth you’ll always find a little “nature pop” in amongst the prints.

From It’s all Peachy, the Seed and Spot the Leaf, we’re showing off our spin amongst the plants. Choose your own colour variations and let’s do a little rain dance for luscious summer. 

What favourite Thandana print are you ricking this summer? Share it with us on Instagram at @thandana_bags

February 05, 2022 — Carla Ashton