Charles Schultz says “Love is sharing your popcorn.” And we’re pretty happy he didn’t say, “love is sharing your luggage”, because to be honest, when it comes to his and hers, we prefer to keep our packing habits to ourselves. Just like women will always have that one more “where did that come from?” bag to add to the car, men have their packing habits (our jury is still out on what this looks like) too. And because we care, we’ve designed our ranges for him and her, so you’ll never have to share. (If you don't want to.)

So as we near the end of love month, let's take a look at our favourite “his and hers” that will make your next vacay, an organised and bicker-free one.

Vanity Bags

Tongs, Hairdryers, face creams, a wet brush, a dry brush, makeup, wax strips, medication, body wash, face wash, nail file, face cloth…. There is an endless list of what a woman “might just need” on a weekend away, and for men, if the toothbrush and body wash make it in, it’s a win. So it’s no doubt we’ve gone out and designed vanity bags for him and her, firstly for the safety of all men and secondly so us women don’t have to keep answering, “where did you pack the so-and-so?”. You’re welcome.

Hers: Cosmetic Maxi Bag Set

We call this the mother of all vanities. Yes, ladies, it’s created with you in mind. Comprising of one big box bag and two smaller box bags, this all fits neatly into a clear carry case. Use the compartment bags separately to organise your vanity life, and pop them all together to carry with ease. We love that it comes in any laminated fabric you choose, so you’ll never mix it up with “his” ever again.

Big Mouth Bag

One of our best selling “on-the-move” vanity carry cases, this is the perfect handbag addition to your travels. Use it as a makeup bag or a smaller international refresh bag for those long haul flights, or if you’re feeling minimal, a weekend vanity. Again, choose your laminated fabric and personalise it to your heart's content. 

His: Shaving Kit Bag 

This is the perfect weekender vanity for him. Made in leather we’ve given this bag a gentlemanly feel. So even if he doesn't need the whole “shaving kit” katunda he at least has an organised pocket to stash his manly vanities in one place. (And out of hers.)

Roll-Up Toiletry 

Even though this is a great “hers” bag too, and can be shared on those “less-is-more” trips, we love the design that is functional, easy to hang up and shows off everything in its little compartments. Letting him know exactly where he put what, keeping it off the countertop, leaving her, more space to unpack. It’s brilliance, we know.


As we claw our way out of that “work-from-home” life and return to the office, (a change of scenery is always approved) we’re needing to get serious about our office luggage. Gone are the days of those un-stylish HP canvas bags, because we’re all about rocking to work with our kit in a bag that speaks “me.” Here are our top bags for that work-life on the go. 

Hers: Laptop 15’ Laminated Bag 

A bag that matches her personality AND doesn't look like a corporate piece of luggage? Take our money! This bag is big enough to fit your laptop, important files, and even a Big Mouth Vanity if you’re a “one-bag” type of woman. It’s the perfect addition to your everyday girl-boss luggage.

Laptop Tote Leather Zipper Bag 

Sometimes you just don’t want that worky-work look and prefer your laptop and worky-bits to look more on the feminine side. Introducing the Laptop tote, a handbag designed for the office, but really designed to strut the streets. (He’ll definitely be leaving this one alone.)

His: Laptop 15’ Leather Backpack 

The Urban man deserves an urban look. Especially if he’s a commuter and needs a hand-free life. As versatile as it comes, this all-leather backpack has a pocket for your laptop and even enough space for an overnight outfit if you’re catching the red-eye. We can’t garentree she won't want to get her hands on this, (we’re biased, it’s stylish AF) so enjoy this new-age corporate luggage piece while it lasts.

Briefcase Leather Bag 

For an important man, we created an important bag. Big enough for laptops, a change of gym kit, and all those important documents that make you bring home the bacon. Pop your phone in the side pocket for easy access, or make use of the front pockets for all those electronic things you carry around. With its over the shoulder strap and handheld straps, we’ve made it easy to rock up in style or walk that commute. 


Be it a weekend away or week in the bush, these luggage pieces speak the language of his and her. Ladies need space (clothing are children too), and individuality of course and men need function... But because we’re good at what we do, we added some style to the men's option too. Travel is a time when the eyes are always on the luggage, it speaks to who you are and where you’re going. And as a couple on vacay, we know that sharing or matching is just not going to cut it for the gram. We’ve got you covered.

Hers: Large Weekender 

Tested on the most fashionable women, this bag can hold it all honey. Don’t be put off by the name “weekender” as we’ve seen some women perform Mary Poppins on this bag. It travels well, fits like a Tetris piece in any boot and did we mention the personalisation on our prints? Now you can know exactly whose bag is coming down the turnstile, and that you’ve packed like a pro. 

We also recommend adding some of our packing pods to the mix, not only are these great for orginsing, but if sharing a bag HAS TO be an option, at least you don't have to mix delicates.

Double Wine Cooler 

Never keep a lady away from her wine. This cooler comes in a 2 or 3 bottle size and complements any DW like a treat. We love that it’s hers and not his because what’s my Rose, is mine, okay? (And sometimes a little personalised laminate print also keep other ladies at bay. Let’s hear it for those group vacations!) 

His: Masai Carrier Bag 

A stylish addition to every luggage pile on a runway, and if he likes that Aviator “look”, this bag is going to tick all his boxes. Plus it’s going to last you forever. We love that the leather just gets softer and softer after each use and that this bag is the perfect size for a weekend away or over-head carrier. It’s been tested on safari getaways, beach bungalows and even for a simple overnight work trip… but we have to confess to our lie: it’s as much his as it is hers. Ladies if you can pack light(er) or part from your Weekender, we urge you to fight for it. 

Brewski Cooler Bag 

Roadtrips, fishing weekends away or beach boy-time; this is the ultimate man cooler. If you’re the type of guy that needs to reach behind the car seat to grab a cold one as you hit a dirt road, or is just popping in to have one with the boys (and you don't want to show up with your significant others personalise wine cooler) the Brewski cooler is the manliest travel accessory we’ve come up with thus far. Cheers to that!

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April 04, 2022 — Mandy du Plessis