Now that the fourth wave is bidding us adieu, we’re prepping our social calendar for those lazy afternoon lunches and beach picnics. And yes, as much as we know a coolbox is a necessity we prefer greeting our hosts with coolers of a different kind. 

Our range of softshell coolers are perfect for on-the-go travellers, picnics and beach outings, and being able to choose your print of the season, makes them so much more unique. 

Which one will you choose to rock this summer? 

Why Cooler Bags, are cooler. 

By nature, softshell cooler bags are easier to store away, carry and perfect for that on-the-go lifestyle you lead. Unlike their hard-shell cousins (which do have a place for more long-distance adventures) our softshell cooler bags can be slung over your shoulder, used for weekends away and offer the same cooling effect for those summer beverages. 

Our coolers are made using our laminate outer coating in any of our trendy prints and have an insulated inner-foil to keep all your goods cooler, for longer. So not only can you pick a style for your lifestyle, but also a print to match any outdoor aesthetic and know that your goods are kept cool in any conditions. 

So will you be buying a cooler for a romantic weekend away, are you entertaining a group of friends at the park or beach or do you just want a little lunch-pack for those road trips or kids school lunch? We’ve got you covered. 

Check out our latest styles below!

The Caddy Cooler

We may be biased but this is a must-have item in any household! A perfect companion for long trips, a day at the beach or a BOYB braai at your mates. 

The Caddy Cooler is our largest Cooler. It can easily fit three six-packs or a case of wine. And for food? We’ve tested this out and it can almost hold a whole weekend’s worth of meals for two. We love the durability of this cooler, with its leather straps and leather front pocket for your keys, phone, wine-opener etc, a day out wouldn't be complete without it. 

Wine Cooler Double or Single Banana Leaf Carry  

But wine-not add this wine cooler to your collection? Let’s face it, in summer we want our wine cold and our days hot. And that’s just what this cooler delivers! 

Choose between our Double carry or Single carry wine cooler and keep your wine cold no matter the occasion. We just love this cooler addition as sometimes all you need is just two bottles of your favourite Chardy or Rose for that all-day vibe. Pick your favourite laminated print or go a little more luxe with an all-over leather cooler. (and don't forget we customise! Because “what’s wine is mine”.)

Double Decker and Mini Decker Cooler 

Looking for that perfect padkos passenger or a new fun lunch box for the smalls? The Decker coolers are made for all types of foodie adventures. (Even if it is just for a school run.)

Whether you use the Double Decker for a top and bottom compartment or the single-decker for a simple packed lunch, this is the perfect compact carrier for any “on-the-run” munchies. Again, customise your carrier to any of our prints or go luxe in all-over leather. 


Just added to our range of deckers is the one the bros/dads/boys have been waiting for: The Brewski Leather Cooler Bag! Yes, we gave the ladies their wine coolers, so we had to add a little six-pack carrier for the dudes. It comes in all leather and is perfect for that “Honey, I’m off to see the boys” dash in the flash. 

Now that we've rounded up our favourite coolers, we leave it up to you to make it a cool, cool summer! 

Do you already own a Thandana cooler? Share your cool summer outings with us on Instagram at @thandana_bags

February 05, 2022