The summer holidays might be over but the real summer season has just begun in South Africa. As January and February boast the hottest time of the year, making the most of your beach time is what it’s all about! And with that we want your summer essentials to be sorted. So when you pop to the beach, enjoy those midweek braai’s and spend your weekends in the sun, you know you’re doing it with the best bags in the biz. 

Here are our summer essential picks, for every beachy occasion! 

Summer outings, without the baggage

When we set out to design the perfect summer bags, we knew it needed to tick all your boxes of what it means to feel that island life, even when you’re just popping to the shops. We looked at trends, designs, comfort and style so that when you rocked out with that beachy summer outie, your bag would complement your mood perfectly. 

The Island Hopper 

Not just a bag for the beach, but a bag that speaks individual style. 

One of the newest summer additions to the Thandana range, The Island Hopper is a fully see-through PVC bag with customised leather trimmings, inside leather pockets for valuables, and three separate compartments to organise your “island” life. 

Fill this bag up with your favourite beach towel, and beach essentials or rock it as a stylish work bag for those lunchtime meetings. We even love mixing and matching it with our range of make-up bags in pretty prints for those weekend getaways. 

The Maia Weave & Leather Bag 

On-trend and oh-so about that summer vibe! 

With so many overseas summer holidays put on hold, we get that you’re pining for that Bali escape! Not to worry dears, we’ve got you covered with a Bali inspired bag that will ease those sorrows and pull you to your closest beach in no time. 

The Maia Weave & Leather Bag is one of our favourite everyday summer essentials, from the beach to a braai with some leisurely shopping in between it’s the bag of the season. 

Choose the colour of your leather trimmings for a personalised feel and know that  Raffia Weave is uniquely coated in-house to help prevent fraying, for extra protection and durability making your bag wipe-able so you can leave the sand at the beach, and keep it looking fresh thought the summer days. 

The Megan Weave & Leather Bag 

Did someone say: “Oversized tote?!”, yes babe, we did. There’s a lot to love about The Megan, and not because she’s the Mary Poppins of Beach bags. 

Everyone and we mean everyone! Needs an oversized tote in their lives. The Megan Weave & Leather Bag is, just like the Maia, a beach beaut out there to remind you to make the most of summer, all day. Pack a full day’s activities into this bag; from the gym to morning coffee, a long day on the beach to that afternoon soiree without even blinking, this bag can carry it all!

Pick your leather trim, choose your summer destination and off you go, Glen-coco! 

The Beach Bag in Laminated Fabric

Here at Thandana, we’re all about showing off YOUR individual style.

If you’re a regular shopper around here you’ll know that we’re all about customising your bags to the prints of the season, pick and choose just about any of our bag designs and you’ll be able to give it your own choice of trim, print, and leather hue to suit your mood… and our Beach Bags are no different. 

The Beach bag comes in three sizes: Medium, Large, and Jumbo and is the perfect companion for any beach outing, even one with the smalls. We love the fact that this bag is all about you and with over 19 laminated prints to choose from and a personalised engraving on your label, this is a beach bag with a big personality. 

Whether you’re dreaming of another summer holiday, or just prepping for another weekend beach session, you can be assured that when it comes to your baggage, we’ve got that covered, stylishly. 

See you on the beach! 

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February 05, 2022 — Carla Ashton