Thandana Leather 150ml Lotion

R 129.00

150ml Leather Lotion Tub

• Instantly restores colour to old faded leather
• Provides protection from UV rays, preventing sun damage
• Prevents premature ageing such as drying, cracking and fading
• Moisturizes and softens leather
• Greatly improves the look of your couch

Perfect For
Bags and briefcases
Wallets and belts
Boots and shoes
Car seats
Lounge suites
• Artificial leather products

• Remove dust with a damp cloth
• Apply using your hands
• Wait for cream to absorb into the leather
• Apply once every 6 months for excellent results

Thandana Leather Lotion
Additional Storage Information
• The jars are shaken around a lot during transport, thus some of the cream might end up in the lid. This is unfortunately going to happen. We slightly tap the jars on a table so that the cream falls back into the jar. 
• Store the jars in a nice, dark, cool place for longevity.
• Typically, we would say the shelf-life is 6 to 12 months, but realistically is lasts longer. You just have to store the tubs correctly.
• The jars can stand for a very long time before the cream starts to split (for many many months) depending on how thick the cream is made and how it is stored. We hope it does not take that long to sell :) The more heat it gets the faster it will split.
• It is normal for the product to start splitting when it is standing for a very long time or when getting a lot of heat. "Split" meaning some of the oil will make its way to the top. All you have to do if this happens is mix it with a clean plastic stick or spoon… then it's ready again for months.
• Water droplets sometimes forms on the inside of the lid. There is water in the cream, so it evaporates and condenses against the lid...especially if it is a little warmer. This is not detrimental to the product, thus there is no need to wipe the droplets away.
• Remember, for best results, Thandana Leather Lotion must be applied once every six months.

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