It’s a beautiful weekend in South Africa, and no doubt like every South African, you’re planning a weekend of outdoor activities. And to add to that “no doubt”, we have an item of luggage to go with whatever you’re planning. So come with us, as we pack our way through Friday and Saturday as we show you what Thandana piece will fit into your weekend planning! 


Afternoon sundowners on the beach 
Schools out, and so are the parents. It’s been a long week and you’re ready to wish the week well with a little sundowner session on the beach with your mates. Whether it's a simple 6-pack to stretch the kids legs, or a charcuterie picnic - you’ll want to get your supplies there in one piece:

  • The Cooler Box with Hard Shell Inner is our latest addition to the coolers, it will not only keep your drink cold but your ice frozen too.
  • The Brewski Leather Cooler is perfect for a 6-pack picnic, so grab the cold-ones and head to the beach for that well deserved “cheers to the week”.
  • Is it wine time? Wine not! The Wine Cooler Double is perfect for those two bottles you know you’ll share with the hunnies. 

A Trip to the Mountains 
It’s no secret, as South Africans we love a simple self-catering weekend away in the mountains. Seeking cabins in the mist, or farmhouses in the midlands; it is the perfect break for the family. But with weekends away comes katunda, we love to pack “everything but the kitchen sink” and if you’re loading the kids in too it can become a bit of a bum-fight. Check out these luggage options that will help tetris that family into the car in no time: 

  • Pack like Mary Poppins with our Packing Pods and you’ll be marveled at the spacing saving wizardry that they possess. 
  • The Large Weekender is ideal for every person in the family, they are big, boxy and fit in a lot, plus their shape allows you to Tetris that boot space like a boss. 
  • Got a small that needs their own sorting station? The Baby Nappy Bag is ideal for a weekend away. 

Off on a romantic safari escape
Are you off to spot the Big Five? When it’s just the two of you, luggage is simple. And just because it’s simple doesn't mean it’s not stylish enough to grace the luxury of a safari lodge. Our Jemma Wild collab pieces are perfect for your bush bungalow, mixed with some leather bits in too - you’re set for a wild weekend: 

  • The Maasai Carrier Bag is your go-to luxe duffel, a full leather bag that’s butter’ly gorgeous.
  • Don’t forget to pack your Double Fold Vanity Bag, it’s a his and her essential for packing light in the bush. 
  • Because we know that those last minute carry-ons need somewhere to go, pop them all into your Utility Shopper Bag


A social saturday with friends 
You’ve done your morning workout, grabbed that flat white and now you’re planning a day of social gathering. Whether it’s the beach or bring-and-braai, showing up empty handed is just not how we do it, so let’s carry those supplies in style:

  • If you don't own one, it’s now definitely the time to get your hands on one; The Caddy Cooler is the adulting necessity to every social household. 
  • Kids in arms means you need to be hands free with the goods, get yourself a Baby Nappy Backpack and thank us later. 
  • Are you just on toppings-duty? The Mini Decker Cooler is everything you need for a fly-by.

A picnic on the lawn 
Wintery afternoons are glorious occasions to get outdoors and find a spot under the trees or bask in the sun. After a morning of lie-ins, or a walking in nature we’re sure there’s a picnic vibe on the cards:

  • Our picnic blankets are mandatory weekend accessories, spread them out and soak up some quality time with your family. 
  • Pack a simple assortment of picnic’y goods in the Double Decker Cooler that is easy to lug into the wilderness. 
  • Is there a small one that wants to explore with their own adventure kit? Give them their own Kids Backpack.

On a game drive 
There’s nothing better than a game drive. We love an early morning start to seek out the Big Five, but we know that game vehicles come with limited space to keep all your safari essentials, but don't fret, we’ve got you covered here too:

  • Pop your binos, sunscreen, lipice and phone into one of our Bino Bags and see how simply they slip into the back pocket of your game vehicle seat. Not only do they protect your binos from scratching, but keep all your items in one place. 
  • Are you lugging around camera gear, but just hate the black bag they come in? Swop that out for our Jemma Wild custom designed Camera Backpack and watch how all your camera gear fits snuggly into it. 
  • Want to keep your phone on hand for those impromptu wildlife sightings? Grap an Urban Cellphone Sling that straps comfortably around your body, ready to capture the moment! 

We hope you have an amazing weekend full of romance, family-time and friends! Don’t forget to tag @thandana_bags in whatever you’re up to this weekend! 

July 18, 2022 — Mandy du Plessis