The collaboration brand story by Jemma Wild 
Collaborating with brands is something I love, taking what ultimately are everyday, lifestyle products and situating them into one of my romantic safari escapes gives me the most joy. I love watching people interact with my content, sharing their safari experiences and how the brands I’ve showcased have made it into their escapes as well. 

Thandana was one of those brands. A luggage accessory that always found its part on one of my trips. From flying into remote luxury safari destinations with my Masai carrier handling all my fashion must-haves to my animal skin tote perched on my shoulder, showing off to the world that I am a Thandana girl. And let’s not forget the packing pods that have kept my fashion looks secure and my caddy cooler keeping the GnTs cold wherever we are on the road. 

Showing off my brand love for Thandana felt connected. It was a perfect brand fit for me and for them, and as our relationship grew, so did my big ideas. Until one day, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Carla, we need to do a Safari range.”

Having studied textile design and created my own prints for any textile that would listen, I knew I could create a print that spoke “Jemma Wild” and that would fit the mould of Thandana’s style. So, I got out my watercolours and painted a zebra print. 

A Zebra Stands for Individuality
Why did I choose a Zebra print? No pattern on a zebra is the same, and this spoke to the unique adventures that I go on. Every safari experience is new and different, it’s up to the wild to decide what it wants you to see, to experience, to feel. And this is what I wanted this print to stand for. I wanted to remind you that each adventure is individual. And even though your bag may look like the bag that someone else has, your adventures and your memories will define its unique story. 

And so we created a print. 

Designing the range 
Designing the range came from a place of practicality. Travel is no easy feat for anyone. There’s aeroplane overhead holds that need the right sized luggage, bathroom designs that won’t always have a space for vanity to perch on and taking your beloved camera on any adventure deserves its own piece of luggage that’s been designed with a purpose. And because I am always about accessories, adding in a game vehicle-friendly bag to hold your binos, books and phone with a matching bino strap just felt right… so we began to create a Jemma Wild x Thandana Safari range from a well-travelled perspective. 

Over the last 3 months, Carla and I have tested pantones, designed, re-designed, mocked up, fiddled and tested these products to what I can now say is the perfect range for the safari-travel lifestyle. It wasn’t easy doing these two cities apart, but with the constant communication, a few factory visits and a lot of bubbles we created magic. We’ve grown from two strangers conversing over brand collabs to friends who have put their unique talents into making this range possible. 

We used the zebra print to create accents, full coverage and individuality and paired it with the most buttery leather that will only gather memories from its use. 

My favourite part of this launch? We both completely fell in love with this print that we decided that it’s going to be a print that can be ordered on ANY Thandana product. So no matter where you are, you are reminded that YOUR safari moment, is unique. Use your zebra print to create accents or go full coverage to shout your individuality and you’ll always find it paired perfectly with the most buttery leather that will only gather memories from its use.

Here’s to the many adventures of Jemma Wild x Thandana Bags, and here’s to officially welcoming you to the NEW Jemma Wild x Thandana Safari Range.