We only use the best kind , all our leather is Full-Grain leather which is known as the best quality you can get, sourced throughout South Africa’s tanneries making us truly a proudly South African brand.


Did you know that your bag gets made inside out?
After sewing and making sure all the bits and bobs are in place we turn the completed bag inside out for its final inspection.

Everyone at the Thandana factory has such an important role at his and hers workstation, to bring you the quality products you deserve.

All eyelids and press studs get carefully inserted by hand with our old school but sturdy handpunch, making sure that each and every hole is made perfectly.

Our Mens wallets, waiting for final inspection and trim sealing before they make their way to their new owners.

We only use materials manufactured in South Africa? We are proud of our heritage, and want the world to know of the incredible quality you can find right here on African Soil. Thandana is Proudly South African.

Our talented artisans making sure that all binding gets done perfectly, this is a 3 way system whereby each component needs to run through our specialised machine , connecting all separate parts, finishing off the final masterpiece.

Did you know we offer "Service your bag" options. Leather needs to be treated and not all of us know how to, that's ok, we do!!

Our Skiving device is used to reduce the thickness of the outer edges of the leather. It's a really helpful tool not only because it makes our leather less bulky, neater, or professional looking but also speeds up the skiving operation easily and perfectly accurately.