Combo 2: Caddy Cooler + Pouch + Key Ring

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3-6 Days lead-time on retail, 2-3 Weeks on wholesale


This combo consists of a Caddy Cooler Laminated Fabric + Pouch Laminated Fabric With Leather + Key Ring Laminated Fabric.

Caddy Cooler Information

  • L46cm X H27cm X W26cm
  • NB: air dry if wet, do not leave product wet in storage as stain damage will result
  • Do not place water or ice cubes inside coolers / Use only ICE PACKS
  • Inside the bag is lined with aluminium foiled padding to keep items cool
  • New PVC Laminated water-resistant fabric for extra protection and durability
  • Front separate leather pocket
  • Genuine leather handles throughout
  • YKK zips with YKK zip pulleys (double)
  • Adjustable webbing sling
  • All trims gunmetal

    Recommended that you use ice packs to keep items cool. Ice on its own will melt into water inside the bag. The bag is not guaranteed to keep water inside and will leak. PLEASE DRY THE BAG IN THE SUN IF IT GETS WET. MOLD WILL RISE ON FABRIC IF LEFT WET IN THE CUPBOARD. This is not replaceable or refundable if the bag is neglected or damaged. 

    Pouch Information

    • L20cm x H15cm x W1,5cm
    • Inside of the pouch is lined with water-resistant Thandana logo lining 
    • New PVC Laminated water resistant fabric for extra protection and durability
    • Genuine leather is used throughout
    • YKK Zip and Zip leather Pulley 

    Key Ring Information

    • L10cm x W8cm
    • Leather tag with metal ring
    • New PVC Laminated water-resistant fabric for extra protection and durability
    • YKK zip & Thandana side label
    • Perfect for extra change, your gym card and keys
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